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Timothy Drury


The price for the workshop is $3,695.00, book the Fall Workshop by June 4 and take $400 off for a price of $3,295.00.

The cost of the workshop includes:

  • Pre-event on-line meeting

  • Welcome dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • Live Cube performance VIP seating
  • Break refreshments 2x a day
  • All breakfasts (M-F)
  • Model fees
  • Welcome gift
  • Handouts 
  • Rodeo ground fees
  • Collaborative Event flash drive
  • Small group learning
  • Speaker fees
  • Post-event follow-up on-line meeting

Attendees are responsible for travel and lodging, and some meals as noted.

We hope to see you soon!

Timothy Drury

Spring 2018

The Creative


May 27- June1,  2018

Timothy Drury

Sorry!  Next available Workshop is Fall

Timothy Drury

You’ll find yourself, camera in hand, surrounded by stunning landscape, above the picturesque town of Jackson, surrounded by rivers, ponds, wetlands, waterfalls and some of the most beautiful sunrises the Unites States has to offer. 

Inside the incredible landscape is a unique diversity of wildlife including bison, elk, deer, eagles, bears, wolves, and moose, among many others.

NANPA Member

Member Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce 

$500 deposit to hold your spot

Photography Workshop in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park

Timothy Drury

You’ll have the opportunity to capture still-life architecture as you stumble onto rustic barns and cabins.

You will meet some of the local residents, including authentic western models and rodeo cowboys.

Every day is a blend of depth and fun; of solitary expansion and joyful camaraderie.


Every morning, we'll rise to catch the dawn light at different inspiring locations in small groups with our instructors.

Mid-day you will experience a creativity immersion with experts to help you dive deeper into your own artistic expression.  Topics include Storytelling, Visioning, Mindfulness, Thinking Traps, the tools of Innovation, and reversing habits that will help you find your unique voice.

And in the evening, you’ll have the chance for photo-ops as the light changes and the sun sets over the Tetons and the Jackson Hole Valley. 

Timothy Drury

Sorry!  Next available Workshop is Fall


We will teach you to think outside your normal box, to find extraordinary images in ordinary places and challenge you to discover your own personal path to your creative expression. Join us on a 6-day journey to awaken your creativity, find your own true artistic voice, and master your craft against the breathtaking backdrop of the Tetons. .

This is  the only workshop in Jackson Hole that combines landscape, wildlife, lifestyle and sport photography with developing your own, unique creative expression.

Fall 2018


You will not find this creativity training in any other photography workshop with hands-on lessons from Pulitzer Award-winning photographer Bill Frakes and storytellers from Straw Hat Visuals, expert educator and creativity coach Marco Torres, interdisciplinary artists, and creativity coaches to go beyond the typical tangible tools of photography for a master-class in creativity unlike any you’ve seen before.  And because most of our staff lives in Jackson Hole, we have the local knowledge for the best photo ops.

Using location, Grand Teton National Park, to inspire, stimulate change, and immerse you in an experiential learning event that will change your point-of-view, this journey will awaken, evolve, transform and propel you toward your own unique expression.

We want to foster a deep connection to your own creative voice. A connection to your signature style. To your own unique expression of beauty and identity. To the sacred union between you and your Divine gifts as an artist.

Creativity happens at the highest level when you define it for yourself from a place of depth and flow!


Reconnection to creativity is truly a reconnection to yourself. Your spirit. Your instincts. And reconnection requires retreat. Sometimes, we have to remove ourselves from the distractions and obligations of day to day life so that we can hear, see and feel the messages that are meant for us.

This is a sensory experience.

You will expand and elevate on many levels.  Becoming a great photographer requires a deep and disarming sense of self-awareness as well as an ability to tap into the energy of the moment, the landscape or the subject in front of you.

This is 6-days that will not only change who you are as a photographer, but who you are as a person. Every one of our workshops is multi-dimensional and delivered with the intention of creating change for our participants. The goal of this journey is that you will walk away with a new-found confidence, a deeper and more meaningful connection to your art, and the ability to establish a “signature shot.”

Instructional Topics includes:
Landscape & Nature Photography Techniques
Pro field tips
Learning to see the possibilities
Making extraordinary out of ordinary
The Importance of story
Finding your creative voice
Hearing your voice
Storytelling techniques
Thinking traps
Stages of change
Gaining focus on creativity
Constructive self-talk

Fall 2018 Workshop Sept 23 - 28

Elevate Life is an Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service.

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