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Using location to inspire, stimulate change, and immerse you in an experiential learning event that will change your point-of-view, this six day journey will awaken, evolve, transform, and propel you toward your own unique expression. 

Take your photography to new limits with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in the Tetons. Join Pulitzer award-winning photographer and storyteller Bill Frakes, expert educator and creativity coach, Marco Torres, interdisciplinary artist, Timothy Drury, and creativity coach and photographer, Robin Elledge, to go beyond the typical tangible tools of photography to find your creative expression. Explore the intangible. Find your inner eye. Take your camera, lens, and lighting to new levels that are not taught in other workshops. Bring to light your innermost artist with your camera. 

You will not find this creativity training in any other photography workshop.

Join us for a one of a kind workshop in the Tetons to explore, cultivate, develop, and invoke your creative voice for inspired images.

Yes, creativity can be taught, but almost every photography workshop focuses on the tangible tools of photography.  Cameras, lenses, software, and lighting.  Some might add in composition, but this is not teaching creativity! Our goal is to  help you find, explore and define you as a photographer.