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Destination Workshop Questions- FAQ's

Will I get the teacher’s attention?
Yes!  We are not the cheapest workshop and that’s because we have more than one instructor.  In fact we have a minimum of 4!  That means our ratio of instructor to students is 1:5, most workshops are 1:10.

What will you achieve in this workshop?
Our workshops are designed to push you out of your comfort zone.  We want to challenge you to take extraordinary pictures anywhere.  We want to help you unleash your creativity, find your unique artistic voice and master your craft against the breathtaking backdrop of the Tetons!  We’ll cover topics including Storytelling, Visioning, Mindfulness, Thinking Traps, the tools of Innovation, and reversing habits that will help you find your unique voice.

The goal of this journey is that you will walk away with a new-found confidence, a deeper and more meaningful connection to your art, and the ability to establish a “signature shot.”

How will your time be spent? 
Every morning and evening you’ll be out taking photographs, exploring the park.  We want to maximize your time shooting, creating and learning so the middle of the day is time spent with creativity immersion with experts to help you dive deeper into your own artistic expression

How fit do you need to be?
The locations we will visit with the workshop are easily accessed, in fact all locations will be within 1/2 mile of parking lots. Jackson/Teton National Park are about 6000 feet elevation so altitude may be a factor if you are not use to thinner air. Given these two factors, the amount of equipment you choose to carry will probably be the biggest consideration in how far you travel away from parking areas.

What teaching experience do the instructors have?
All the instructors have extensive experience teaching!. Not only have they taught multiple workshops, but they have taught in universities and colleges worldwide winning awards along the way. Some have even created education content for Apple iTunesU. 

Remember- The best workshop teachers are those who are not taking pictures during the workshop!  That’s because they are helping the participants, volunteering tips and staying with the participants.  

Do I need to reserve a hotel room?
Yes.  We do not book hotel rooms for a number of reasons but we do have special discounted rooms reserved for our workshop at the venue.  You can also CLICK HERE to reserve online OR call the Snow King Resort at 800-522-5464 and specify the “Elevate Life Block” to receive the discount room rate.

What time in the morning will we leave for activities?
Typically we will be leaving Snow King Resort for early morning photography 30 - 45 minutes before dawn so everyone is set-up and ready for first light.

What time do the classes/workshops start each day?
We will start back at the Snow King Resort at about 10:30 am M-Th.

What time do the classes/workshops end each day?
We will end classes at the Snow King Resort at about 4:30 pm M-Th.  We will then head out for more photo opportunities in the late afternoon and evening.  The evenings are open M-W so you can stay out shooting as late as you wish.

Will I have free time each day?
This is up to you, your day will be made up of activities and classes that you can decide to attend.  Typically activities will be in the morning and late afternoon with workshop classes in the late morning to mid-afternoon. We do provide breaks and there are no evening activities planned M-W.

Are dinners provided?
A welcome dinner Sunday night and a farewell dinner Thursday are provided. Dinners M-W are on your own so that you have the flexibility to stay out late shooting should you desire. There are a number of restaurants with a variety of cuisines in Jackson, many within walking distance of Snow King Resort. For recommendations, see a workshop leader or the resort staff.

Is there a lunch break?
Yes, you will have 45 minute each day M-Th.

Why is Friday a short day?
The workshop ends around 11:00 am on Friday. This allows participants to catch flights home that afternoon from Jackson or to drive back to Salt Lake City and arrive in time for late afternoon or evening flights. 

Are any meals provided?
Yes. We provide on-the-go box breakfasts Monday - Friday.  We provide a welcome dinner Sunday night and a farewell dinner Thursday night.  There will also be snacks provided twice a day M-Th. There is a 45 minute break around 12 noon each day so you can eat lunch, rest, make phone calls, etc.  

What is a to-go breakfast?
Basically a box breakfast to eat as you drive.  Each breakfast will include water, fruit, energy/granola bar, juice and a breakfast entree.  The entree may be one of the following; breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich, or bagel. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

What is not provided that may be an additional expense?
You will be responsible for adult beverages, room service, hotel room, transportation, lunches, dinner M-W, and any incidental purchases you make. 

What amenities does the venue have?
The Snow King Resort has a swimming pool, hot tub, restaurant, bar, shuttle service, meeting rooms, room service, Wi-Fi internet, business center, cable TV, ample parking, exercise room, hiking trails, gift shop and a variety of amusement attractions.  Please visit the Snow King Resort website for complete listings.

Do I have to stay at the venue, Snow King Resort?
No.  We have secured rooms with special discounted rates for our workshops but you can choose to stay elsewhere. Staying at the venue would be the most convenient and time affective. You can reserve a room at Snow King Resort online (CLICK HERE) or by calling 800-522-5464 and you will need to specify the “Elevate Life Block” of rooms to receive the discount.

Should you bring a laptop computer?
Yes.  The ability to review your days images is an invaluable learning tool.  Being able to share, discuss and critique images with your fellow attendees and instructors is a great opportunity for learning.  In addition, we will be producing a workshop multi-media keep sake for each attendee to take home with everyones best images put to original music. 

Are computers available for your use?
While a couple of computers are available at the venue, they are intended for checking email and other short time spans.  They are not intended nor loaded with photo software.

Will there be software instruction?
There will not be formal software instruction however if you are using software that one of our instructors use, we will be happy to help you with questions.

What kind of camera do I need?
There is no particular brand or camera type needed.  However, to get the most from picture opportunities a camera with interchangeable lenses would allow you the most flexibility.  Cameras with all-in-one zoom lenses (wide to telephoto) are also useful and less cumbersome to carry. It is highly recommended, that what ever camera you bring allows for you to control shutter speeds and aperture. 

Do I need super telephoto lenses for animals?
No.  While 400+mm lenses will allow better close-up opportunities at times, it is not uncommon to get great images with 200-300mm lenses.

What camera equipment should I bring?
This can be more about personal choice, and what you are willing to carry, then a technical question. Typically we would recommend camera, lenses to allow for wide angle to telephoto, a tripod, and at least 2 memory cards.  While not needed, it can be beneficial to have filters, remote shutter release and an external flash.

Is there camera repair or rentals available?
There is only one retail camera store in the area, Wyoming Camera Outfitters in Jackson. It is small with limited selection but you can find filters, camera bags, tripods/heads, some lenses and lower end DSLR bodies (mostly Canon & Sony), point and shoots, film, and memory cards along with other small accessories. They can clean DSLR sensors but call first. They do not rent cameras or lenses. 

Are binoculars needed or recommended?
They are not needed but can be very handy to find animals. 

What if I have a dietary or allergy concerns or issue?
Please let us know in advance of any dietary or allergy issues so we can address your needs. In almost all cases we can provide an alternative selection at meals for you.  Gluten Free, dairy free, and vegetarian options can be made available with advanced notice.

What’s the best way to get to Jackson, Wyoming?
Air- Jackson Hole Airport is serviced by Delta, United and American Airlines with about 20 flights a day. Most flights are via Salt Lake City or Denver. There is also a regional airport in Idaho Falls that has additional flights with Allegiant Air, United and Delta. 

Car- Salt Lake to Jackson is about 4.5 hours and some routes are very scenic through parts of Utah and western Wyoming. Idaho Falls to Jackson is also very scenic with about a 2 hour drive time.

Bus- A regular daily bus runs from Salt Lake City to Jackson via Idaho Falls and is operated by Mountain States Express (Alltrans) and runs about $75.00 one way (SLC to Jackson).

Do I need a rental car?
No but it is recommended. Teton National Park is vast with multiple photo opportunities every mile. As a group, we will be heading into the park the first couple days.  Once you have familiarity with the park you may choose to explore on your own or buddy up into small groups for the later part of the workshop. In addition, extending your trip on ether end of the workshop is a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park with geysers, thermal features, wildlife, waterfalls, and beautiful scenic locations.

Note: car rentals can be expensive in Jackson. You might want to factor in the rental car savings by renting in Idaho Falls or Salt Lake City when deciding how to get to Jackson.

Will we be going to Yellowstone?
Teton National Park provides an abundant amount of great photo opportunities and it is just minutes from Jackson.  As such we will minimize or drive time by staying in Teton National Park and Jackson.  See the next FAQ about visiting Yellowstone on your own.

How far away is Yellowstone and can I go on my own?
Yellowstone is about 3 hours one-way by car from Jackson and the park is too large to see in just a day. To see the majority of the park hot spots, we suggest extending on ether side of the workshop and plan on spending at least 2 long days visiting all the amazing photo locations. Accommodations can be found in the park and just outside in West Yellowstone or Gardner. Please contact us and we will help you plan your Yellowstone visit.

How strenuous will the activities be?
A variety of photo opportunities are available throughout the Jackson valley. You may choose how strenuous, or easy, you would like to attempt. The amount of gear you carry will also determine your activity level. You will not be walking more than 1/2 mile from vehicles unless you choose to do so.

Is the altitude in the Tetons an issue?
The Jackson area is at 6200 feet elevation so altitude can effect your physical exertion until you are acclimated to the higher elevation.  Typically, altitude is only an issue for the first 24-48 hours so some people choose to arrive early enough to acclimate.

Do I need hiking boots?
We recommend good durable walking shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty/muddy. Waterproof shoes are a good idea as it can rain and there are streams, puddles and mud that may need to be crossed. If you have good comfortable hiking boots, we recommend that you bring them. We do not recommend wearing open toed shoes (sandals). Hiking boots and trail shoes are available from a number of Jackson retail stores should you wish to purchase them.

What is the attire for each day?
Wear comfortable clothes. Please pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly. We suggest layers. Mornings and evenings can be chilly while days usually warm quickly as the sun rises. Having rain gear is not a bad idea as thunder showers are not uncommon in the afternoon.  We suggest checking the Jackson WY weather forecast and packing accordingly. 

What is the weather like in Jackson/Grand Teton National Park?
Weather can change quickly in the GTNP and Jackson area. Wearing layers of cloths in the late Spring is a good idea because it can be freezing in the morning and high 60’s (or warmer) by noon. It is also a good idea to keep rain gear handy (poncho or coat, umbrellas are a waste of time on trails), along with a hat and sunscreen to protect you from sunburn. 

Can I bring my significant other or children?
Yes, you can bring your significant other or children to the Snow King Resort. There are lots of activities available in and around Jackson that they can partake while you are in the workshop.  The resort concierge can arrange for a variety of seasonal activities including horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, country dancing, ice skating, hiking, target shooting, photography, rock/mountain climbing and many other options.

What is the minimum age for a participant?
Participants 18 years and older can participate in the program as long as they are signed up and paid their fee for the program. No children under 16 are allowed in the program.

Can I share a room?
You may bring a guest that is not participating in the program. Snow King Resort can help your guest plan their stay. 

Can I extend my stay?
Yes! Snow King Resort is happy to accommodate your desires for an extended stay. They can help you plan activities and provide a list of local restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. Please call 800-522-5464 and you need to specify the “Elevate Life Block” of rooms to get the discounts.

What is there to do in Jackson Hole?
Jackson Hole is a bucket list vacation spot that has something to offer every traveler. The Snow King Resort concierge can arrange for a variety of seasonal activities including horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, country dancing, ice skating, hiking, target shooting, photography, rock/mountain climbing, ATV’s, mountain biking, bicycles, Hot Air Ballooning, shopping, concerts and many other options.

Payment policy- 
A 50% Deposit is required upon booking reservation.  Full reservation value is due 30 days prior to arrival. In order to avoid delays, missed payments, and inconveniences, the credit card used for your reservation deposit will be automatically billed for any remaining balance of the workshop 30 days prior to your arrival, unless you contact us before this time to provide an alternate form of payment. If booking within 30 days of arrival, the full amount is due at the time of booking.

Workshop cancellation policies-
Cancellation 30+ days from workshop, full refund less 10% of deposit. 

Cancellation less than 30 days from workshop. Due to financial guarantees we sign and pay in advance of the workshops we unfortunately can not issue refunds with less than 30 days to workshop date.

We regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies as a cause for cancellation. For this reason we recommend travel insurance for destination workshops. If you have questions regarding the cancellation policy for your specific reservation, please contact us.

Change policy-
Workshops- Should you wish to change your reservation date to a different workshop, a change fee may apply and change requests must be made at least 20 days prior to your current reservation date. All reservation changes are subject to current rates and availability.  

Snow King Resort payment & cancellation policies-
Please visit the Snow King Resort website or call 800-522-5464 to get the resort policies. Please note that Elevate Life and Snow King Resort are separate businesses and each has their own reservation and payment policies.

Smoking Policy-

Wyoming is a smoke free state so no smoking is allowed indoors.

What can you expect to photograph?

Wildlife: bison, moose, pronghorn, elk, big horn sheep and more

Landscapes: Tetons, rivers, ponds, forests , plains

Rustic Architecture: barns, cabins, outhouses

American West Portraiture: on location models 

Rodeo Royalty: riders take to the arena for barrel racing

You may also photograph more elusive:

grizzly bear, black bear, otter, bald eagle, fox, wolf, coyote, beaver, osprey, owls, mountain goats

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