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The Creative Process for Digital Photographers: Surrounded by the  beauty of  Grand Teton National Park, discover your path to your creative self with a team of creativity and photography experts.   Join us for a week of photography and creativity classes that will explore, cultivate, develop, and create your  voice for inspired images.

Training Workshops


The Healthy Fox Culinary School: Individuals, families, and groups of friends cultivate cooking acumen that feeds good health, friendships, and happy families. Clients develop a solid cookbook of recipes and skills that honor their health needs, lifestyle, time pressures, palate, and the occasional need to make an impression when family and friends gather. Classes offer nutrition education as well as recipe and cooking skill development in a fun social atmosphere.


Teton Optimal Wellness: Immersed in the beauty of the Grand Teton mountains, discover the path to your optimal health with a team of health and wellness experts. Get onto the path of good health using positive psychology to enhance your emotional health, foster thinking skills built on your personal strengths, discover your inspiration, and devise your strategy for life long health. Gather the tools you need to live the life you envision. Teton Optimal Wellness inspires you to good health.